Launch Drivers

  1. Only trained members may act as safety boat driver or use the coaching launches.

  2. Launch drivers should be:

    1. Certified for Power Boat handling to RYA Level II standards or similar;

    2. Trained in Emergency retrieval; and

    3. Familiar with Resuscitation and First Aid.

  3. There should always be a launch deployed at weekends, or when Juniors are on the water.The launch driver must carry a VHF Radio to stay in contact with the shore and other launch drivers to alert or be alerted of problems on the water.

  4. Launch drivers must:

    1. Take with them every outing spare dry clothing for emergencies and a safety pack (stored in the boat house when not in use).

    2. Check before boating that the safety pack contains:

      1. Reflective thermal blankets;

      2. A small first aid kit;

      3. A sharp knife;

      4. Appropriate spanners;

      5. A spare kill cord; and

      6. A throw line.

        If the pack is deficient of any item, the launch driver must inform the Welfare Officer or CWSA. 

  5. Check before boating that the launch contains a paddle and enough fuel for the outing.

  6. Launch drivers and any other occupants must wear an appropriate buoyancy suit or life jacket.

  7. The kill cord must be attached to the driver at all times.

  8. If conditions deteriorate, the safety boat driver should enforce the appropriate restrictions for the conditions and call in crews that are no longer appropriate to be on the water, helping when necessary.

  9. In the event that the water is closed, the safety boat should alert all crews left on the water and escort them in convoy if needed.

  10. Launch drivers must respect other water users, including BBRC members, by cutting their speed and wash when nearing other boats.

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