BBRC Club Kit:


The Kit Window's will open several times a year for you to purchase BBRC kit. Watch out for the emails.


If you (or your child) intend to race, then the minimum required kit is the All in One.  It can be worn with any plain white T shirt underneath in colder weather.


Older crews can, if they wish, still race in the shorts and shirt.  The design of the shorts and shirt hasn’t changed.


Winter rowing

If you are a new member, or the parent of a new member, please take note that winter rowing (whether at Bewl or at a regatta somewhere else), can be wet, windy and extremely cold.  The trick is avoiding the surprise risk of hypothermia when an outing didn’t quite go as expected. So, please make sure you, or your child, have enough good quality kit to stay warm and dry.


Technical fabrics absorb much less water than the cottons. Wear the right stuff in multiple layers to keep warm whatever happens in or to the boat.  Keep the other stuff, for example cotton t-shirts and hoodies, as your (just as essential) spare dry kit.  Please check that any existing kit still functions as intended regarding wind and waterproofing.



Kit that doesn’t fit

if you have kit that doesn’t fit but that’s still functional, please contact the Club Membership Lead.  If there’s enough, we aim to have a second hand sale at one of the BBRC events.


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