Membership and Boat Racking

BBRC offers Adult Membership, Junior Membership (under 18), Student Membership (Full-Year, Vacation Only or Transition) and Visitor Memberships.


Applications and Prices

BBRC uses an online system called WebCollect to manage membership applications, racking applications and payments to the Club. 

On the Club's WebCollect page you will find details of all the available subscriptions and associated prices.

BBRC’s policies regarding membership fees


The Membership Year runs from 1 May to 30 April.


Membership fees are due promptly at the beginning of each year, or on joining the Club.


In advance of a new membership year, the Committee may allow a reduced rate Early Bird Membership Fee to encourage prompt payment.  The reduced rate may be withdrawn at the Committee’s discretion.


A Concessionary Adult Membership Fee, usually 30% of the Adult Membership Fee is available for good reason (including, for example, financial hardship) at the Captain's sole discretion.  The lowest possible concessionary membership fee is £50.


Proportionate reductions are normally given if members join part-way through a year.


Payment plans can be arranged, at the Treasurer’s discretion, for families with multiple Club members only.


The Club is entirely volunteer-run.  BBRC does not offer payment or reductions in membership fees to members who contribute to the Club, whether by coaching, driving a launch, or in any other way.  Making a contribution in the best way you can is part and parcel of being a good Club member.


Boat Racking


Members in good standing may apply for permission to store a private boat at Bewl.  BBRC will not allocate a rack to a person who is not a full member of the Club.


Important notes.  All racking allocations are wholly at BBRC’s discretion; and are subject to availability and payment of the current racking fees.  BBRC may not be able to meet all requests for private racking space.  Boats are stored at entirely owner’s risk and must be insured accordingly.  Evidence of insurance will be required.  Any payment of racking fees before a rack is allocated is provisional only and will be refunded if no allocation is made.


Well done our Junior Coach Miles, finalist British Rowing 'Rising Star of the Year'



Celebrating 40 Years of Rowing at Bewl - BBRC's first outing July 1977. Celebrating 40 Years of Rowing at Bewl - BBRC's first outing July 1977.

New Club 4X-


Bewl Bridge Rowing Club’s **100 Club**  - to participate contact our Junior Coordinator


100 CLUB purchases this quarter:

2 new cox amplifier systems

2 headbands for the old coxboxes

Resistance bands to add to our gym equipment


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