It is the duty of all members of Bewl Bridge Rowing Club (‘BBRC’) to observe the rules of the club.  They are designed to safeguard us, our equipment and other members of the public from our activities.

We must:

  1. Operate BBRC in compliance with RowSafe, the guidance on good and safe practice provided by British Rowing, the national governing body of rowing, to which we are affiliated.  As a member of BBRC, you have a responsibility to be aware of the content of that guidance.

  2. Operate within BBRC’s Safety Policy, so as to minimise risk to our own members, our equipment and other users of Bewl Water.  The Safety Policy requires that as a minimum you do the following:

    1. Inspect your equipment prior to boating.  Pay close attention to safety critical fittings such as heel-restraints, bow balls and hatch covers.  Never use equipment that is unsafe;

    2. Handle your equipment safely to minimise risk to other people and the equipment;

    3. Apply and abide by the Water Assessment Code. Be particularly aware of water conditions and the risks of boating:

      1. In adverse conditions;

      2. In changeable conditions; or

      3. On your own;

        d)         Take the appropriate equipment with you, including:

  3. A VHF radio or at least one mobile phone (in a waterproof pouch and with the correct emergency numbers on speed-dial) per boat;

  4. A whistle for all doubles/pairs and single sculls; and

  5. Adequate clothing for the conditions.

    e)         Observe and abide by Local Rules applicable to Bewl Water.

    Be aware of other users of the water at all times and observe rules relating to them;

    f)          Observe the circulation pattern, which is based on an anticlockwise traffic rule, i.e. bow side nearest the bank;

    g)         Clean and inspect equipment after boating and report any damage;

    h)         Take proper care to put away and tie down equipment after use; and

    i)          Report any incident or near incident (including a simple capsize) using the British Rowing Incident Reporting System.


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