Officer of the Day


Arrive by 8.00 and spend 30 mins or so checking the following have been done:

At the Start:

• Has the Water Assessment been completed, board updated and looks reasonable?

• Have the boat racks, oars and blades been taken out of Boathouse and is access to Canoe Club and Rangers Yard reasonable?

• Visual check to see members are signing out

• Has a Launch Driver gone to bring in launches from their moorings? If not engage one in the task.

• Are coxes wearing lifejackets?

• If the Juniors have boated and started to pull away from shore is there a launch actually on water?

• Are there any new members or any individuals looking lost?..if so refer to a coach for a briefing.

• Have all crews that are boating checked that boat is sound, has a whistle and one crew member has a mobile phone with emergency contact numbers.

At the End:

Satisfy yourself that someone is going to at the end of the Session :

• Return the boat racks, oars and trestles to the Boathouse

• The launches have been returned to their moorings, keys/kill cords returned to the hook in Boathouse and empty petrol tanks returned to fuel store. No fuel to be stored in Boat house

• Turn the Water Assessment to Red

• Ensure place looks tidy, all empty bottles in bin, any left behind clothes in lost property box

• Turn the lights out

• Look around for trestles and kit left out, return them to Boathouse and then lock the Padlock

• Inquire whether there have been any incidents and if so who is going to report them?

• Ensure there are no Juniors left standing by Boathouse without lifts home

Celebrating 40 Years of Rowing at Bewl - BBRC's first outing July 1977. Celebrating 40 Years of Rowing at Bewl - BBRC's first outing July 1977.
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