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BBRC took delivery of a new boat trailer that we had ordered and committed to before the Coronavirus crisis.  This trailer will give us the ability to travel to competitions and events with a much larger number of boats on one trailer, thus avoiding the need to take two trailers to one event, and freeing up the other trailer to enable the club to compete at different competitions on the same day/weekend. We are in the process of selling one of the old trailers.




June 20th 2020

was a great success with:
406 Competitors
626 Crews
31 Clubs

BBRC won 40 different events, 111 Bewlers (Members, Family & Friends) raced, congrats to all.
Thank you to all the different clubs from around the country and abroad for taking part, making this an enjoyably competitive event

CLUBS involved:
Ardingly College Boat Club - ARC
Ardingly Rowing Club - ARD
Bath University BC - BAU
Bewl Bridge RC - BEB
Bedford Rowing Club - BED
Belvoir RC - BEL,Zurich, CHE
Burway RC - BUR
Canterbury Pilgrims - CAP
City of Sheffield RC - CSH
Club Remo Vigo - CRV Spain
Cranbrook School Boat Club - CRN
Curlew RC - CUR
Ginásio Clube Figueirense - GCF Portugal
Globe Rowing Club - GLB
Great Marlow School - GMS
Grosvenor Rowing Club, Chester - GRO
Inverness RC - IRC
King's School Rochester Boat Club - KSR
Lewes Pilot Gig Club - LPGC
Lymington ARC - LYM
Maidstone Invicta - MAV
Medway Towns Rowing Club - MED
Mortlake Anglian & Alpha Boat Club - MAA
Norwich High School BC - NHS
Old Monmothians RC - OMN
Poplar and Blackwell District - PBD
Shoreham Rowing Club - SHO
Strathclyde Park RC - SPRC
Sudbury RC - SRC
Tees RC -TEE
Tideway Scullers School - TSS





Thank you to everyone who has entered BBRC’s Ergatta Series event C this Saturday 20th June. So far we have over 400 entries in over 620 crew combinations from 32 Clubs. Good luck to everyone.



The route back to rowing, one step at a time

Dear Bewlers,


First of all I would like to say a big thank you to you all for supporting your Club with the renewal of your various subscriptions.  Although it would have felt odd (and possibly still does) to renew when many of the activities of the Club were not possible, without your support, it could have threatened our existence.  All things considered, we are in a stable financial position (unlike some clubs who are really suffering) and can continue to plan ahead with a good degree of confidence. 

So what has been going on since the last newsletter?

Our Virtual “Ergatta” Series that followed on from the success of the Virtual Bewl Head has attracted interest and entries from all over the country and even abroad, as well as interest from British Rowing itself, so much so that they are now running their own!  It has been a great story to tell, bringing the Club and the rowing community together at a time when we have all been forced apart.  A huge thank you to David and Wendy Morten and Jamie Macdonald for their significant efforts in getting the show up and running.

The variety of virtual training, quizzes, “pub” drinks, pilates, coffee etc etc that have been going on have also been very important in holding us all together as a Club.  A big thank you also to those whose have helped make these happen.

Of course, the other BIG event since our last newsletter has been the limited return to rowing, at first for privately owned sculls, and then for Club equipment in such a way that we could adhere to Government rules and to British Rowing guidance.  This was a big challenge, and took some time and effort to pull together, but we now have as much rowing going on as any Club, including Juniors and, as I write this, we are the only Club to have their full GB Start contingent out on the water.  For those who have yet to go out, or who as yet can’t go out, we will continue to expand the rowing programme when we are able to, but always, and as we must, following the lead from British Rowing.

Other things that have been achieved since I last penned this blog:

  • A new “mobile” rack has gone up expanding our boat racking further.
  • The vegetation and weeds underneath and around all the outdoor racks have been removed.
  • The boathouse is undergoing a mega tidy up.  The sorting out of all the riggers is next!
  • The launches have been cleaned (yuk!) and drained.
  • The trailers have been serviced.
  • The pontoon has been tightened up and is now undergoing a survey to determine what repairs are needed after a blustery winter.
  • An online signing out/in register has been created.
  • An BBRC erg ladder has been created.
  • A programme to replace the wooden ledge slats on the outdoor racks has begun.

When lockdown began, I started a jigsaw (I know, how dull, but at least it was of a Henley-like regatta scene!) because I thought a combination of bad weather and not much to do would give me plenty of time to do it.  How wrong I was! I hope you will agree that your Committee, with the help of some other Club members, have been extremely busy on our Club’s behalf.  It might explain why the jigsaw has only just been finished!

“See” you on 20th June for the 500m “ergatta” sprint, if not before.

Stay safe and stay fit!





BBRC held its second Ergatta during Lockdown. We had a fantastic entry from 31 clubs, 512 Athletes, 789 Crews. Thank you to everyone who entered, and who supported their chosen charity, we hope you had a great event. BBRC looks forward to welcoming you to Ergatta Series C on 20th June, 500 meters. We wish you all well in the coming weeks and hope that we can make some advances onto the water.

Clubs Entered:
Ardingly College BC
Ardingly RC
Bewl Bridge RC
Bedford RC
Belvoir RC
Burway RC
Canterbury Pilgrims BC
City of Sheffield RC
Cranbrook School BC
Curlew RC
Ginásio Clube Figueirense
Globe RC
Great Marlow School BC
Grosvenor RC
Isle of Ely RC
King's School Rochester BC
Lea RC
Lewes Pilot Gig Club
Lymington ARC
Maidstone Invicta RC
Medway Towns RC
Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC
Norwich High School BC
Poplar and Blackwell District ARC
Shoreham RC
Stowe Sculling Club
Sudbury RC
Tees RC
Tideway Scullers School
Walton RC
Warrington RC


Provisional Results:


Bewl Regatta Series Event B

Entries coming in fast and furious, we have interest from 28 clubs, it's going to be a fantastic event. 


Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures from our Ergatta Event A, it makes for a fantastic collage.


Congratulations to our new Junior Captain Tess and Vice Captain Finn on their new roles at BBRC. Tess and Finn are organising a Virtual Quiz Night for juniors and their families on Sunday 17/05/20.


Bewl Virtual Ergatta Series, Event A
Well done our winners. Certificates sent out to winning crews.
Thank you James Rudkin - GB Rowing Team, for your support, and Virtual Certificate Prize Giving: James is a rower at Newcastle University, and is a European Championship Silver Medallist M8+, and 2X World Rowing Championship Bronze Medalist.

BBRC Results: 

J13 1x Jack Ribbens
J14 1x Ryder Apatu
J17 1x Keyan O'Donnell
WJ12 1x Bea Johnson
WJ15 1x Biba Rabjohns
WJ17 1x Rosie Foster
WSEN 1x Grace Macdonald
WMAS D 1x Lene Northwood
J14 2x Ryder Apatu Jack Ribbens
J17 2x Oliver Lawton Keyan O'Donnell
WJ13 2x Bea Johnson Anna Maycock
WJ14 2x Amelia Kent Emma Noble
J17 4x Nico Kent Jonty House Oliver Lawton Theo Briscoe
WJ14 4x Amelia Kent Emma Noble Ellie Foster Emily Downing (GMS)
WJ15 4x Ottilie Burden Saskia Wood Emily Maycock Sophie Pepper
MAS D 1x Rod McLean
MAS E 1x Mark Northwood
WMAS C 1x Brooke Ribbens
MAS D 2x Angus Bogle Ben Long
MAS E 2x Mike Maunsell Mark Northwood
WMAS D 2x Kirsty Barden Alison Henderson
WMAS E 2x Wendy Morten Helen Lawton
MAS C Mx 2x Dave Ribbens Brooke Ribbens
MAS E Mx 2x Michael Richardson Rowena Suthers
MAS F Mx 2x Neil Ellwood Sara Sands
MAS D 4x Hagen Jahnich Ben Long Heath Warwick Mark Northwood
WMAS C 4x Sarah Burden Kirsty Barden Suzanne Davies Louise Allen
MAS C Mx 4x Rob Purves Alastair Burns Sarah Burden Louise Allen
MAS D Mx 4x James Maycock Dave Ribbens Brooke Ribbens Rowena Suthers
MAS F Mx 4x Neil Briscoe Neil Ellwood Sara Sands Alison Henderson



Bewl had its first of 3 virtual 'ergattas' today. We had 310 participants from 19 clubs in 455 crews. Everyone entered into the spirit of the event, wearing rainbow colours in support of the NHS. Thank you to Dave and Jamie for arranging the google sheets of entries and results. A big thank you to all the clubs who took part, and we look forward to the next event on the 23rd May. Lots of training in the next month for pb's.
Clubs involved today include:
Ardingly College
Ardingly RC
Bath University BC
Bewl Bridge RC
Burway RC
Canterbury Pilgrims BC
Cranbrook School BC Alumni
Curlew RC
Globe RC
Gravesend RC
Great Marlow School
Isle of Ely RC
Maidstone Invite RC
Medway Towns RC
Poplar Blackwell & District
Shoreham RC
Sudbury RC
Tideway Scullers School
University of Sussex





Celebrating 40 Years of Rowing at Bewl - BBRC's first outing July 1977. Celebrating 40 Years of Rowing at Bewl - BBRC's first outing July 1977.
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