Work began to construct the reservoir in 1973 by damming and then flooding a valley. It was completed in 1975 having been filled with over 31,300 million litres of water. The project cost £11 million to build. It is now the largest body of inland water in south east England.

Bewl 2017 drought, levels at 33%.


BBRC's first outing and write up in the local paper, and founding letter.



Bewl Bridge Regatta, July 1979


BBRC Held it's First Regatta in July 1979, two years after rowing was established at Bewl. 


The regatta was held up the 'rowing arm' finishing at Rosemary Dam, The programme doesn't say how long the races were? Probably, roughly 1000 metres, looking at the map? There were 18 races in total, and 12 clubs involved. Three Bewl scullers, I wonder who they were?


Most of these clubs are still around, and perhaps one day we'll be able to invite them back for another wee race. 


The club had high aspirations 'a major step in the creation of an International Rowing Centre'. Still a way to go here...

Although BBRC isn't an International Rowing Centre, We've certainly transformed in membership and number of club boats. So from humble beginnings with big aspirations we now offer substantial Junior, Senior and Masters rowing. A big thanks to our founding members.


BBRC slowly developed over the next decade, unfortunately there aren't many photo's from the first decade. The photo below, probably from the late 1980's. The crew Stroke: Peter Reeves, 3:Rod MacInerney, 2:     , Bow: Ian Bailey.

Work in progress to find more photo's and memories.


Photo from the 1980's - names to follow...


BBRC Womens crews 1990 - 1993, Head of the Rivers, and Women's Henley




Bewl Summer BBQ at the Froggatts in Wadhurst 1999

Top from the left: Tom Cuncliffe, ?, Nick Fenn, Chris Willis, John Pitchford, Lawrenc Williams, ?, Caroline Richardson, High Spivey, Mike Richardson, ?

2nd from top: George Gray, Richard Packer, Judith Packer, Ian Froggatt, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Debbie Bowsher.

3rd from top: John Davis, Phil Bowsher holding Emily, ?, ?, Brooke Ribbens, Hagen Jahnich, Shaun Williams, Sally Williams, Wendy Morten.

4th from top:   Davis, Eric Froggatt, ?, Margaret lloyd Roberts, Dave Ribbens, Sue Harwood, Chris Andrews, Dave Morten.

Bottom line: ?, James Richardson, Stuart Morten, Craig Morten, Lisa Froggatt, Pippa Gray holding James.


Boston Marathon 1994

Crew: Cox ?Lisa Froggatt, Stroke: Ian Froggatt, 7 Richard Packer, 6 Mike Richaardson, 5 Rod Mac Innernay, 4 Eric Froggatt, 3 Jon Parr, 2 David Morten, Bow Phil Bowsher.



Henley Royal Regatta

Britannia Cup 1994

Crew: Cox Helena Smalman-Smith, Stroke Mike Richardson, 3 Rod Mac Innernay, 2 Ed Sawday, Bow Richard Packer.


BBRC GEMINI REGATTA in the early 1990's (more details and photo's to follow)


Photo's from the early 1990's


Head of Medway Men:

Top row: Phil Bowsher, Dave Morten

Bottom Row: Mike Richardson, Rod Mac Innernay, Phil Bowsher


Head of Medway Women:

Top row: Wendy Morten, Sue Gandell, Caroline Richardson, Fiona?

Bottom rwo: Sarah Bailey, Jan Tyley, Debbie Bowsher



Top row: Eric Froggatt, Ian Froggatt, Dave Morten, Mike Richardson,  ?, Peter Gwizdala, Mark Stamper, Andy Pengilly, Richard Packer.

Bottom row: Phil Bowsher, Jeff Digweed, Dave Ribbens, Lisa Froggatt, Nick Fenn, Shaun Williams.





BBRC Winning Masters B 8+


The crew drove down from Bewl in a blue defender towing the trailer.

Crew: from the left.

Cox Helena Smalman-Smith, Chris Andrews, Dave Ribbens, Andy Pengilly, Tom Cuncliffe, Ian Froggatt, Canadian Coach?, Frank Llewellyn, Shaun Williams.


Margaret who has been coxing for many decades at BBRC ,here with a winning Master's crew, holding their pots.

From left: Andy Ripley, John Pitchford, John Northridge, Hugh Spivey.


Virtual Ergatta Series B

28 Clubs entering, it's going to be an exciting day. Wear the colours of your chosen charity


Well done our Junior Coach Miles, finalist British Rowing 'Rising Star of the Year'



Celebrating 40 Years of Rowing at Bewl - BBRC's first outing July 1977. Celebrating 40 Years of Rowing at Bewl - BBRC's first outing July 1977.

New Club 4X-


Bewl Bridge Rowing Club’s **100 Club**  - to participate contact our Junior Coordinator


100 CLUB purchases this quarter:

2 new cox amplifier systems

2 headbands for the old coxboxes

Resistance bands to add to our gym equipment


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