WMasB/C/D 4X- winners, Kingston Head 2022 photo credits: https://www.allmarkstore.co.uk/f690430012
WMasB/C/D 4X- winners, Kingston Head 2022photo credits: https://www.allmarkstore.co.uk/f690430012

News 2013-2014

Lea Autumn regatta - 31st August 2014

A crew comprising Annie Grant, Rowena Suthers, Keith Jones and Duncan Bliss entered one of the last regattas of the year having had just a couple of outings together to practice a few starts in the days beforehand. The course was a reasonably narrow 600m with a deceptive slight bend at the start and finish.

The first race was a straight final in the MxMasE4x category against a home crew from Lea RC. Bewl got an excellent start and quickly established a half length lead. This was held until 25m from the finishing line when both crews were deemed to have drifted together and clashed blades. A re-row was ordered by the umpires.

The re-row was almost a carbon copy of the first with Bewl getting ahead from the start and holding a quarter/half length lead to the finish whilst both crews tried their best to keep apart. Pots for Bewl!

The quad then split into two doubles with Keith and Ro (MxMasE) taking on a MxMasE crew from the Lea quad in another straight final. Having been held on the stake boat for a very long time the Bewl crew had drifted off line somewhat and had to make immediate steering corrections at the start. Having lost the initiative, it was then always a case of playing catch up. At the finish the margin was 1 ½ lengths to Lea.

The second double of Annie and Duncan (MxMasD) had another Lea crew (MxMasC) to contend with in a third straight final. This time Bewl was in the lane close to the moored barges. Having made an excellent start and holding onto the MasC crew, the moored barges started to get rather close and the crew were forced to hold water and then re-start, rowing out the course whilst taking yet close look at another larger barge just short of the finish!

Another fun day’s rowing had by all. 

Maidenhead Regatta – 9th August 2014

The Seniors and Masters ventured out again to take on the world of rowing at Maidenhead on a lovely dry warm day. The club fielded two doubles (Keith/Angela and Rowena/Duncan) which then combined as a quad in the second division along with a mixed novice 4+ with Lizzy, Rebecca, Alistair, Jessica and coxed by Paula.

As luck (?) would have it, the two Bewl doubles were drawn against each other in the first MasE/F heat. Keith and Angela (MasF) were given a 5sec handicap advantage at the start against Rowena and Duncan (MasE). Both crews had strong starts against the current and the MasE boat kept the others well in their sights up the 500m course but was unable to catch them. The final winning distance given as 1 ½ lengths.

Keith and Angela were then drawn against another MasF crew from Maidenhead RC that had been given a bye in the first heat and thus had fresh legs; even so, the BBRC crew took an early lead from the start and held the competitors off to finish with a 2 length margin in a time of 2 min 4 sec. More pots!

In the second division, the mixed Novice 4+ took to the water against an all male Weybridge crew. Following a good start, the crew trailed the Weybridge crew all the way to the finish, finishing 5 lengths behind. This was a first ever race for most of this newly formed crew and they should be commended for getting out there and competing – Well done!

The scullers then took to the water again in the MasE 4x and were up against a much younger MasE crew from Twickenham RC. The BBRC crew lost a length on the other crew at the start but then went on the hunt, gaining steadily over the 500meter course but unfortunately finished just a canvas behind despite a very strong final 100meter. No time was taken.

All in all, another good day’s rowing……

Kingston Regatta
WJ15 4x raced at Kingston Regatta - this was a first regatta race for three of the crew and the first quad race for all. The crew of Joanna Dunn, Hayley Johnson, Hannah Morten, Nina Jahnich cox Fenella Theis put in a tremendous effort and gave Guildford RC a good race over the Kingston 500m course coming second by a 1 ¼ L and beating Tiffin Sch by 2L. Thanks to many for coaching, launching, trailer help, entries and support on the day.

Our Masters bring gold home from Henley
Rod McLean, Mark Northwood, John Williams and Angus Bogle won the MAS C 4x - Henley Masters Final over the weekend. After years of preparation (having been the bridesmaid before) and a last minute injury of their amazing stroke Hagen, they threw together a scratch set-up with a new man (John Williams) in two and stepped up. It was a tight, hard-fought race with a nail-biting 3ft victory over a much bigger crew. They certainly earned their place on the podium.

From a coaches' point of view, apart from a little blade hiccup and some sightseeing, I was very proud to see that our men held their technique. I felt that Bewl's catches were more direct, their finishes were stronger and they rowed as a crew right down to the line (http://youtu.be/gILn8S5USpE). Congratulations

U23 World Championships in Varese
Ex-Bewl junior Emily Craig has been selected to row for GB in the U23 World Championship in Varese next week (kicking off on Thursday) in the blue ribbon boat, the single.. WL1X
This is an amazing opportunity for Emily whose somewhat legendary determination is paying off, so for those who can follow (and cheer) please do..!!

Fundraising: We have been short-listed by Lloyds to receive an award from £500-£3,000! The public vote will take place from 2 September to 10 October 2014 in participating branches, online and by SMS, with every organisation on the short-list getting an award. The community group with the most votes in a community will get £3,000, the next £2,000, the third £1,000, with fourth place getting £500. Huge credit to Louise McDonald for her fantastic work with this!

Henley Royal Regatta success for ex-Bewl Juniors
Ed Couldwell stroked UTRC to victory in the Wyfold. "...it was the time I spent at Bewl as a junior that was responsible for my love of the sport and set me up for the rest of my rowing career..." Ed Couldwell.
Alex Lindsay stroked the Eton VIII to victory over Abingdon, victors of last tree years in the Princess Elizabeth Cup.

Peterborough Pride
Huge congratulations to Georgie and Grace for crushing their opposition in their double AND respective singles. Kudos to the Ben and Robbie for bringing home a bronze result in strong races. Deserving thanks to the Chudley, Grant, Macdonald families, Rachael and Miles for their spectacular support..

National Schools Regatta
Huge congratulations for the sterling efforts of Grace, Robbie, Georgie and of course Miles at this weekend's hugely competitive National Schools Regatta. Grace and Georgie got through the time trials to the double semi-finals in Grace's first ever race (!). Georgie stormed through the time trials (fastest time) and semis into the final. Anyone who has been to Nottingham knows that a windy day and lane 6 are not a good combination, but Georgie came sixth overall in an well-fought race. Many thanks to Helen, Martin and Annie for taking the boats across to Maidstone, and Maidstone for trailering us up. Greatly appreciated!

Masters National Championships
Sunday May 18th at Holme Pierrepont regatta course near Nottingham dawned sunny and tantalisingly calm, but sure enough the familiar cross-headwind began to build at around 08:30, and was 10-12 knots by the middle of the day. Thankfully this year’s training at Bewl had given the eight Masters representing our club plenty of good experience of blustery conditions, so even some poor lane draws for the heats were not a problem.

This year’s squad consisted of Sarah Morris (WD1x, MxD2x), Jonathan Morris (MxD2x), Mike Maunsell and Dave Sannachan (D2x, E2x), Hagen Jahnich and Rod McClean (C2x, C4x-), Angus Bogle and Mark Northwood (D2x, C4x-). The drama started early when one of Rod’s blades made a direct hit one of the large geese on the water, knocking the handle completely out of his hands. He and Hagen managed to keep the boat upright but dropped a few lengths from second back into the pack. They bravely rejoined the race and managed to push through to finish 2nd in the heat, but Rod was badly shaken up by the incident, as was the goose probably

In D2x both Bewl crews were drawn in the same heat, and unfortunately only the Bogle/Northwood crew made it through 2nd, with Maidstone getting in ahead of Sannachan/Maunsell. In WD1x Sarah Morris had a straight final and collected a bronze, the first medal of the day for Bewl, which gave us all a big lift. Mike and Dave went again in the competitive E2x heats, but were unable to make the top 3 against tough opposition. In MxD2x the Morris pairing was just edged out of the bronze medal spot by less than a second in the straight final of that event. The C4x- finished 2nd to Broxbourne in the heat and progressed to the final.

In the afternoon, with the stronger wind favouring lane 1 the heat winners were seeded in lanes 1&2 with a clear advantage. Both C and D doubles were given lane 4 and the races followed the same script, working hard, making sure of bronze medals, but mindful of the quad final still to come. The C quad drew lane 4 again and arch-rivals Ardingly, having won the other heat, were in lane 2. Broxbourne had the better start and opened up a length lead at 500m but Ardingly were still level, despite a well timed push called by Rod when they were being flagged for steering. It was the 5th race of the day for each crew member, but the legs kept on responding and Bewl trailed Broxbourne by 3.8s for the silver, with Ardingly 0.7 seconds behind in a very satisfying finish. So our little club brought home 4 medals, which was a great achievement.

As usual the day was well organised, with races starting on time, lots of kit for sale and GB Rowing’s new Board Chairman Annamarie Phelps presenting medals. There is talk of a 2 day event in 2015 if a suitable weekend can be found. My hope is that Bewl can enter an even bigger Masters squad next year, so let’s plant that thought now and begin preparing our assault on the 2015 National Championships.

Hagen Jahnich, Rod McClean, Mark Northwood and Angus Bogle - Silver
Sarah Morris - WD1x - Bronze
Hagen Jahnich and Rod McClean - Bronze
Angus Bogle and Mark Northwood - Bronze

Georgie (Women’s J16) gains a bronze medal at the National Junior Inter-Regional Rowing Regatta

Georgie Grant who was selected in March to represent the Thames South East Region in the women’s J16 singles at the Nationals gained a Bronze Medal at the event held in Nottingham at the end of April. Georgie won her heat securing the fastest time. The final was a very close race with Georgie gaining a bronze medal. Her performance helped the Thames South East region gain fourth place in the regional placings: a considerable improvement on last year. Her next challenge is the National Schools’ Regatta which is held in May. Georgie is also going to trial for GB vs France, which is for J16s only. The trials will be held in Nantes in July. Watch this space!

Abingdon Head - 6 April 2014

Hagen Jahnich and Rod McLean won the Mas C/D 2x at Abingdon Head on Sunday. They came 19th overall out of 355 crews including eights, fours and quads, so not too shabby. The conditions were testing over the 2000m bendy course as the tailwind was very strong and gusty, and also against the stream. Rod said: "Training at Bewl meant that we could cope with both the wind and the water conditions".
Very well done!

Junior Rowing News
Georgie Grant, currently trialling for GB, has been invited to the British Rowing J16 sculling camp in April at Nottingham. She has been selected to represent Lower Thames at JIRR at Nottingham as well.

Greenwich Head - 23rd February 2014
With Old Father Thames having been un-rowable for some time due to the current, the Greenwich Head offered crews a welcome chance to get out on some different water for a decent length row with some competition. The newly formed crew combination of Rowena, Mark, Duncan and Sandra with Paula (cox) flew the flag for BBRC and made a very early start in order to be at Poplar, Blackwall and District RC in good time to find some space to rig and ready the boat.

Initially the whole course was red-boarded and it looked like there would be no race. The organisers were swift to get PLA approvals to not only shorten the course but to move it downstream where the water was more sheltered. Instead of the planned 6k course it was turned into only a 3.5k race. Once again, the crew found themselves the only master’s and the only mixed crew and, subsequently, without competition and so raced for time only.

The wind and current was extremely strong and Paula had a hard time just keeping the boat in position ready for the turn to the start, (well done to bow pair!). The race went without incident with the crew rowing well in some difficult conditions finishing in 8m 55sec.

The real work of the day started after the finish, when it became a real slog to make any real headway against the wind and current to get back to the boathouse for a very welcome cup of tea!

Walton Small Boats Head
Following their success at Burway in the MxMasNov2x two weeks earlier, Rowena and Duncan decided to enter Walton SBH in the MxMasD2x up against some more experienced crews. The conditions were excellent for the time of year with a massive turn out of 671 crews (2x, 2- and 1x only) spread over 4 divisions. Having finished a creditable 3rd in the 2x, Ro and Duncan decided to try their luck in their first ever pairs race, in the MasD2- category. They were the only mixed entry out of just 16 other pairs crews; this raised quite a few interesting comments from the marshals along the route. Whilst not challenging the timers, it was great experience considering they had only practiced together in a pair for 40 minutes in the last 3 years before the race! A good day’s rowing

Veterans Fours Head - Sunday 1st December 2013
On a quite cold but remarkably calm Sunday morning, two quads from Bewl participated in the Veterans Fours Head on the Tideway over a very unusual course. Instead of the usual Tideway Head course on the ebb tide from Chiswick Bridge to Putney Pier (i.e. the reverse Boat Race course), the timing of the tides were such on the appointed day that the course ran on the flow tide from the Mile Post (a mile upstream from Putney Pier) to 600m above Chiswick Bridge at Barker's Rails, a total distance of 6000m.
The Bewl crews were Masters C and Masters D, though the Mas C crew was a composite, made up of Hagen Jahnich, Rod McLean, Angus Bogle and Jon Williamson of Kings Canterbury, in place of Mark Northwood who was unavailable. The composite crew went off 4th behind two Mas A/B crews and an IM3 crew, all young bait for the Bewl machine to try to eat into! The IM3 crew from University of London was passed at St Paul's School bathhouse and plenty of ground was gained on the other two crews from City of Bristol (the previous year's head crew) and a local rival in a Medway/Maidstone composite. In the end, the Bewl/King's composite was placed 2nd overall in the Head, with a time of 17mins 43secs, only 3 seconds behind the winning crew from Wallingford, who were the 2013 Masters C National Champions at Nottingham.
The Mas D crew was made up of David Sannachan, Mike Maunsell, Jonathan Morris and Rod McInnery. The quad, a near scratch crew, had a steady row, starting 7th, finishing 7th in their category and 30th overall in a time of 19mins 14secs

Burway Small Boats 2013
23 November: BBRC (juniors & seniors) took part in 19 races overall with many taking part in not just one but also two and three divisions. For Paula and Ruth (WNov 2x ) it was their first race in a double and the same for Paula and Karen (WMasB2-) who raced in a pair. Kirsty, Sabrina, Sam and Kim (MxNov4x-) had the fastest club time overall in the quad closely followed by Patrick and Oliver (J16 2x ) who were 7 seconds behind them in their double.

General consensus of opinion amongst the seniors was that although it was quite a challenging course to navigate (nothing new there then!), it was a beautiful day and a good time was had by all! Many thanks to Keith Prentice and Duncan who organised us all and towed!

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