WMasB/C/D 4X- winners, Kingston Head 2022 photo credits: https://www.allmarkstore.co.uk/f690430012
WMasB/C/D 4X- winners, Kingston Head 2022photo credits: https://www.allmarkstore.co.uk/f690430012

News 2019-2020



With all rowing and club activities on hold for the minute, we'd like to bring club members, friends and families  together for a Virtual Bewl Head 2020. The aim is fun with a bit of competitve spirit within your own home.



BBRC COVID-19 Update

Dear Bewlers,

Further to the email from Neil, our Club Rowing Safety Adviser, earlier in the week, I am writing again to update you, following a Committee meeting today, on the Club’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak.
We have taken in to account the Government’s current advice, British Rowing guidance, the rapidly developing situation not only here but also in Europe, and our responsibility to you as members and beyond.
Social distancing and avoiding non-essential gatherings, good hygiene and reducing the spread of the virus is key in all the official advice and its goals. Your Committee has considered a variety of options of how we can continue with some of our activities at the Club whilst achieving these key goals.  However, we came to the conclusion that it is impossible to achieve these goals, which are in the best interests of not just us all as members but also for the wider community, by continuing with any form of rowing and associated training at the Club. We reached this decision with a heavy heart but we believe we have no alternative.  
We have therefore suspended all rowing activities based at Bewl until further notice.  Virtual/remote sessions arranged by coaches will still take place as arranged.  The Committee will review this decision at the end of this month.  We would be grateful if you could respect this decision and do not attempt to go out until advised otherwise by the Committee.
I realise that you will all be incredibly disappointed by this decision.  However, I hope that you understand it, as we are in extraordinary times and therefore need to take extraordinary measures.  



Thames South East JIRR trials took place today at Docklands. BBRC took 15 crews. It was a blustery day with challenging conditions, but the Bewl crews, well rehearsed in choppy water coped well with the conditions. We had great results and all the juniors rowed fantastic. BBRC has 8 crews through to the JIRR finals (subject to confirmation) to be held in Peterborough on 25th April.
14 1x Jack (2nd)
14 1x Ryder (1st)
J16 2x Matt/Ed (4th)
WJ14 1x Emma (1st)
WJ15 4x+ Ottilie/Emily/Saskia/Sofia cox Lara (1st)
WJ16 2x Jess/Phoebe (1st)
J14 2x Jack/Ryder (1st)
J15 1x Gabe (3rd)
WJ14 2x Amelia/Maddy (1st)
WJ15 1x Ottilie (1st)
J15 2x Ed/Gabe (1st)
J16 1x Matt (4th)
WJ14 4x+ Amelia/Maddy/Ellie/Emma cox Bea (1st)
WJ15 2x Ottilie/Emily (1st)
WJ16 1x Pai (1st)

A big thank you to Jamie who organised the event at short notice. Thank you also to the coaching team Miles, David, Wendy, Brook. Also parents who helped with the day, timekeeping and numbers, Christa, Desrie, Sarah, Crawford, James.




A big congratulations to Miles who has WON regional volunteer Rising Star of the Year and who is now entered into the British Rowing Rising Star of the Year (volunteer). Winners announced March 21st.

Miles a Level 2 rowing coach is part of the volunteer junior coaching team at BBRC. As part of the team Miles is ever present at BBRC, taking training Tues, Thurs evening and Sat, Sun morning. The coaching committment also extends into the preparation for regattas, as well as the many full days at regattas.  Miles isn't just seen at Bewl, he assists Richard with British Rowing coaching sessions at Bewl and at Caversham. Miles also takes part in the National Junior Championships as part of the volunteer team judging the Omnium. Well done, and good luck for the 21st March when the winners are announced.



A Bewl tribute to John Clayton: John sadly passed away recently after 60 years in rowing. John was known to many at Bewl for both his support to the Thames and Thames South East region and for his contribution to Maidstone Invicta RC in particular, where he was a founding member. John was a passionate supporter of rowing across the spectrum from Juniors to Masters and someone who injected huge energy in developing rowing for the benefit of others. His contributions and the foundations he has help build in the region will continue to give much pleasure to many a rower for years to come. 


An Obituary can be found at: https://www.britishrowing.org/2020/03/obituary-john-clayton/



With Maidstone Head cancelled, 42 BBRC Junior's Hired Bewl Bikes and had a fun morning session cycling around Bewl. There was lots of smiles, laughter and mud.




Like everyone else, the Master’s Squad has had a very unlucky start to 2020 with the weather meaning very little time on the water and the last four competitions entered have been cancelled. Most of this year’s training has been spent running up Hook Hill.


CONGRATULATIONS TO BIBA FOR WINNING THE NATIONAL JUNIOR INDOOR ROWING CHAMPIONSHIPS, YEAR 10 GIRLS. This age group had a field of 116 taking part over a time trial of 5 minutes. Biba did 1363metres, a split of 1:50. Coach Richard Poole.



Thank you to everyone who came along to the BBRC Ceilidh and who bought raffle tickets. We all had a great night. There was plenty of tartan and sparkle on show and a couple of kilts. A happy birthday also to Susie. Thank you to Lindsey, Lucy, Sharon and Faye for organising the event. We made over £2000, fantastic event.

******************************************************************************************Feb 2020

Mayfield our 4X+ refurbed and ready to row. Thanks to Paul Cousins Boat repairs.



Well done BBRC Hannah for winning Kent Schools 6th form 2K ergo (for her school Highworth).


Dear Bewlers,


Captain’s Blog March 2020


I signed off the last Newsletter with “....it’s getting cold and wet”, but I’m not sure I expected quite such rubbish weather over the last few months! Many river-based clubs have experienced severe flooding (and even the National Water Sports Centre at Nottingham was flooded) and some haven’t been able to row since November. Head races have been cancelled pretty much across the country. Even a Tideway head (the Women’s HORR) was cancelled today. Normally, at Bewl we are pretty fortunate during winter in comparison but even we have been foiled from going out because of the strong winds for most of February. And I bet your love/hate relationship with the ergo is getting a bit stretched at the moment! Still, it’s great to see that even in the face of yet another “Red Board” preventing rowing on the water, training goes on. David and the Junior coaching team have been working hard with the Juniors in the Outdoor Centre and even took advantage of some sunshine (but still too much wind) to get the squad out on bikes. Rob Purves’ Masters Squad have been beasting themselves on the hill up to Tibbles Café (no rewards of coffee and cake at the top though!), the Masters D8+ has been swapping ergos scores on WhatsApp and Hagen and Mark and Lene Northwood decided enough was enough, and went off cross country skiing! Even a visit by the University of London BC went ahead despite the weather for what they called “a change of scenery from their gym” when they did outdoor circuits around the boathouse, directed by a rather bossy (but still smiling) coach!


So what else has been going on? Whilst on-the-water racing was pretty much non-existent, Bewl had some good results in the BRIC indoor champs with 4 juniors in the top 10. Keyan has been attending Junior trials. The Ceilidh brought together many of our members for a great evening of merriment – thanks so much to Lindsey, Lucy, Sharon and Faye for putting it on, and to all those who attended and helped us raise so much.


I mentioned at the Ceilidh, and the boat and equipment spending programme, your Committee has embarked on. Top of the list was the purchase of a good quality Janousek quad for crew weights of 75kg called Jules. This is to add capacity at the midweight level where we have struggled for boats for adult crews. We are also due to take delivery of a brand new large trailer from de Graaff which has a significantly greater capacity than either of our existing trailers (one of which we will sell), therefore enabling us to attend heads and regattas as a club with just one trailer, rather than two, when there is a big Club entry. Our rolling refurbishment programme has now returned Mayfield (4x+), whilst Scotney (4x-) is next in line and now at our boat repairer. We are selling a couple of older boats and will reinvest the proceeds and some extra cash in upgrading the fleet. New fittings have been put into Harry Too, and we bought two sets of new sweep blades last year. Finally a new outdoor rack will soon appear onsite. This adds up to an investment of over £30,000 over the last 12 months into better equipment for you as members. But please remember to look after it – this stuff is not cheap. And last but not least, if you fancy a flutter in our [quarterly] 100 Club draw, which also raises additional funds for the Club.


Fingers crossed that the storms are finished for this winter!


PS: Please take note of any current or future advice from our CWSA Neil Ellwood on Corona virus/COVID-19. 


Well done Immy at the World Indoor Championships in Paris.
8th in U23 500m
30th in U23 2000m


BBRC Junior going for J18 Selection

Following the first round of British Rowing GB Junior Trials in Boston in October, Keyan O’Donnell, a proud BBRC member and part of the World Class Start Programme was invited to the Junior Training Camp at the Cerlac centre in Spain, a location favourited by such senior teams as Germany, Spain and Ukraine at the beginning of December in Spain.
The camp was over the course of a week and included 2 water sessions in doubles daily and a strength and conditioning session. Despite the best efforts to keep up his weight by eating many plates of food each meal - including a bowl of chips ever lunch and dinner - he still managed to lose a kilo and a half.
Keyan is now training hard in his single for the next round of trials in February where he will also compete in a Double – the trials will consist of time trials over 5000m in both boats over a weekend. As part of this preparation, he and coach Richard Poole have also had a training session at Exeter RC with a potential doubles partner for the next round of trials.
We wish Keyan every success with his preparation for the next stage of Junior Trials.
Pics: Keyan training in his Single at Bewl; Keyan and fellow squad members at the training camp in Cerlac.



BBRC has purchased a fantastic, much needed 4X-, 75kg average 2013 Janousek, named Jules. Many outings and regatta's await this lovely boat.




Hello from me as your new Captain, and greetings also from me on behalf of the new Committee.  I hope you have all had a chance to read the minutes from the AGM where Rob Miller and David Morten outlined all the great things that went on in the year leading up to the meeting.  I won’t repeat them here, but there was a lot going on!


I am starting to get to grips with the task of being Captain – I take my hat off to Rob Miller in coping with a large inbox and many different lines of enquiry!  It surprises me, despite being on the Committee for over 15 years, to discover there was so much going on behind the scenes that I was only just about aware of, all courtesy of our band of super volunteers helping to make sure the Club runs as smoothly as possible.  If you have any time that you can spare, please let me know, as there are always things that need to be done.  In particular, it would be good to establish some working parties to take on regular tasks such as hosing the pontoon, cutting back the undergrowth around the racks, tidying the boathouse etc.  A heavy burden falls on a small number of people, so the more volunteers we have, the lighter the load.


I was really pleased to see so many members competing at the recent Bewl Head – a record number and hopefully this will be even larger in the Spring (weather permitting of course) – and congratulations to the winners J17 4x- crew of Theo, Jontie, Ollie and Nico.  Our own Head race is a really good opportunity for all members of the Club to get in some racing experience on a course they know well without therefore having to worry about where the twists and turns in the course are, which can be a real challenge at Head races held elsewhere – as a steersman, I can vouch for that!


Your new Committee plans to meet on 20thNovember – we have a very full agenda! If you have any issues you feel we should be discussing, please let one of the Committee know.  We value members input to our discussions – after all, the Club is run for your enjoyment. I can’t guarantee we will get to it this meeting, but we will definitely at the next!


My final request to you all in this newsletter is to take care of the expensive equipment that we own as a Club.  Rowing shells and blades are very costly to buy and repair.  There will always be wear and tear, and accidents do happen, but pleasebe careful when moving boats on and off racks, keep a good lookout on the water if you are steering/coxing, don’t drop blades on to the ground, stay off the mud particularly when carrying boats etc etc – you get the message!!  The less we spend on repairing boats, the more we will have to refurbish them or buy better equipment. Think of it as if you owned it personally – if you do this, I guarantee we will have less damage.


Wrap up warm, it’s getting cold and wet!





British Rowing Indoor Championships


Well done BBRC members at The British Indoor Championships last weekend. There were lots of pb’s, and notable performances from Keyan who got a silver medal in the Junior 500m.

Emma year 9, came 8th in the 4min, 5th in the 500m.

Sophie year 10, came 5th in the 5min, 6th in the 500.

Eduard year 10, came 5th in the 500.


Fantastic results for Bewl at The Veterans Fours Head 2019


Bewl had a fantastic day at the Veterans Fours Head which took place on Sunday 24th November attracting a total of 212 quads & fours racing on the flood tide over a distance of about 6000m,  from the Mile Post to 650m above Chiswick Bridge.  Weather conditions were excellent with a SE wind of 3 mph and a comfortable temperature of 10 degrees. Three Bewl quads took part with great results all round.

The quad of Hagen, Ben, Rod and Angus retained their MasD4x title from last year and were also the 5th fastest boat overall after a storming row.  In MasE4x, Sarah, Jonathan, Mark and Mike came 4th in their event (that's right, in the men's event but with a partially mixed crew - an excellent performance!) in a big field of 16.  Annie, Richard, Ro and Chris (from TSS) had a great row to come 2nd in MxMasE4x, their best result in the event so far. 

All in all, a great day for BBRC!


Pairs Head 2019


On Sunday 6th October Bewl had five crews racing at the Pairs Head. There were a couple of scratchings from the original seven entries due to illness and injury. Best wishes to Colin for a speedy recovery over the next few weeks.


Despite the forecast, it was dry for the race with pleasant conditions (after very heavy early rain).  Good results all round, with strong performances,  including two wins for Bewl in Mx ME2x and Mx MF2x.  Full results at :  https://www.bblrc.co.uk/results/pairs-head-results-2019/


Crews were:


Mas E2x  Mike and Mark

Mas D2x  Angus in composite crew

Mx Mas E2x  Jonathan and Sarah   (1st)

Mx Mas F2x  Rowena in composite crew   (1st)

Mx Mas E2x  Annie and Richard




Dockland's Head is a 2750 metres Head, with a backdrop of Canary Wharf and City Airport. Racing is from Albert Dock through to Victoria Dock. We were very pleasantly surprised to find the weather sunny and calm. BBRC had 19 crews entered in categories ranging from J14 to Mast D. Our crews had a great day of racing with some strong performances from our senior juniors as well as our newer development juniors. Well done everyone and a big congratulations to Amelia for winning WJ14 1X.




BBRC Autumn Head got off to a fantastic start, with Bewl weather offering misty flat water. Bewl Head is raced from Hook Straight to Rosemary Dam. We had our largest ever entry of 31 BBRC crews, well done everyone. Thank you to Rob for arranging the event. Thank you also to all our helpers, timers, launch drivers, MSL for allowing us to run the event, and cake bakers. We hope you all had a fantastic day.




BBRC had 45 entries at Maidstone Autumn Head, categories ranging from J14 to Masters E. Maidstone is our local rival club, and BBRC is pleased to support their event.

Our LTR from April took part in their first Head Race. Well done:
J14 2X Ollie and Jack. 
J14 1X Ryder. 
WJ14 4X+ Ellie, Charlotte, Maddie, Amelia, cox Ottilie (Winners). 
WJ15 4X+ Helena, Sophia, Lara, Emily, cox Phoebe. 
J17 2X Paul, Max. 

We had a fantastic day, and won 22 races. The Junior squad has grown over the last 6 years in strength and depth.
On a day where the weather stayed warm and benign compared to the forecast with thunder and lightning, Bewl picked up a wide range of wins:
Mas B/C 2x Rod, Jon (KSC)
J17 4x+ Theo, Jonty, Ollie, Nico - Grace.
J18 4x+ Theo, Alex, Henry, Thomas - Grace. 
Mas D/E 2x Mark, Mike. 
J17 2x Ollie, Nico. 
J16 2x Matt, Finn. 
Mx Mas E 2x Jonathon, Sarah. 
WJ18 4x+ Tessa, Sarah, Rosie, Susi - Abi. 
WJ17 2x Tessa, Sarah. 
WJ18 2x Hannah, Jemima. 
WJ16 4x+ Abi, Phoebe, Jess, Martha – Amelia. 
J18 1x Thomas. 
J16 1x Finn. 
WJ16 2x Pai, Sophie. 
WJ14 2x Amelia, Maddy. 
WJ14 4x+ Ellie, Charlotte, Maddy, Amelia, cox Ottilie. 
Op B3 1x Tom. 
WJ15 2x Ottilie, Saskia. 
WJ15 1x Sophie. 
W.Mas C/D 2x Wendy, Sarah. 
WJ16 1x Pai. 
WJ14 1x Emma. 

A big congratulations to everyone, and hope you enjoyed the day. Thank you everyone who helped the day, parents, juniors, seniors and coaches-Miles, David, Wendy, Jamie, Lene and Brooke.


BBRC Junior Winter training begins

40 juniors at our first winter training session, lots of training, events and targets for the upcoming Head season and beyond.


Congratulations to Biba on her British Junior Championships Omnion Win. Fantastic result and a big congratulations from BBRC.

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